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Ultimate tips and tricks to win on slot machines The simple truth: you cannot always win on slot machines… Improve your odds: how to pick the right slot machine

How To Pick The Right Slot Machine? Introduction

How To Pick The Right Slot Machine is certainly not easy.

One of the most crucial components of learning how to win at slots machines is selecting the appropriate games. In a live casino, this could mean picking the ideal machine to play on, or in an online casino, picking the right title.

If you go online and look at the slot manufacturers’ websites, you will notice that each game has a clearly stated RTP percentage that is not hidden in any way.

RTPs for games from the same developer will differ.

Most gamers are completely oblivious of this, and pretend to play the game that looks and sounds right while completely disregarding the RTP.

Actually, the RTP is the most essential consideration because it determines how much money an average player would lose for every $1 wagered.

lot of money
Let’s get the money

The first step in winning is to choose a game with the highest potential RTP. In a theoretical sense, this will get you closer to break-even, improving your odds of winning in practise.

The simplest method to accomplish this is to visit dedicated slots review sites. They can provide a wealth of information on any game you wish to try.

After then, everything will be up to chance. However, if you consistently select the correct slots, you will have more sessions with wins than your friends, who appear to be pursuing the wrong slots and complaining about their bad luck.

Finally, avoid selecting a slot machine where someone has lost a lot of money. Unless you know for sure that the machine has a higher RTP than others, it probably does, which is one of the reasons the person lost money.

Look at Experienced Slot Players

white black game fun
Experienced players have lot to teach to help pick the right slot machine

Observing and noting what experienced slot players do will considerably assist you in your own game. These seasoned gamers are already aware of the best devices to use. You might also observe and adopt some of their tactics into your own.

If you have decent communication skills, you can even ask them for tips on how to play slots better and even ask them to be your mentor.

Branded slots should be avoided

The art of how to pick the right slot machine is not easy. We all know that playing branded slot games is exciting. The bulk of them, in fact, contain the most advanced aesthetics and game development features. However, guess what? You don’t want to pick or play with them. Why is this the case? Some may remark.

arachnid close up cobweb connection
Don’t get caught in a trap

To start with, branded slots are games with characters or events from our favourite television episodes or films, popular labels, historical tales, and much more.

The reason these slots games are terrible for you is that developers that have slots with popular brands paid through the roof to utilise the name. As a result, they will not allow you to place minimal bets in order to generate profits and avoid their machine to be at a loss. Those games will be difficult to win as well. Because they have spent a significant amount of money to secure the right to use such names or labels, it is up to you, the players, to repay every cent spent.

How to pick the right slot machine? Avoid the Worst Slot Machines

The easiest technique on how to pick the right slot machine is to cease making “sucker bets”. In plainer terms, avoid playing slot machines with poor odds of winning.

First and first, recognise that there are indeed bad slot machines in a casino when it comes to slot machines. Simply avoiding them wherever possible will boost your long-term gaming return on average. We’re getting closer to our gambling ambitions every time we improve our odds like this. So, shall we make certain that we do so?

calculation on a white paper to pick the right slot machine
A bit of calculation is required to pick the right slot machine

The “Profit Ratio” is calculated as follows:

  • As previously indicated, while selecting slot machines, pick the paytable with the denomination and maximum credits that best matches your available bankroll.
  • Examine the paytable carefully. When all credits are bet, what is the greatest possible jackpot?
    If the top jackpot is displayed in currency, divide it by the machine’s denomination and the maximum credits.
    If the top jackpot is shown in credits, divide it by the maximum number of credits.

This “Profit Ratio” tells us how profitable a particular slot machine is in comparison to others. Any slot machine can be compared to any other slot machine using this method.

For instance, suppose the paytable has a maximum jackpot of 3400 credits and three maximum credits. As a result, the Profit Ratio is 3400 / 3 = 113.

This calculation should be repeated for each slot machine of interest. While this Profit Ratio will be comparable for many slot machines, it can be surprising to encounter “sucker bet” slot machines that would not be avoided otherwise.

Avoid the games that rarely pay off.

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band
We want machines that release the money

It’s also worth noting the slots that are renowned for not paying out.

The more slots you can add to a blacklist of bad earners, the more slots you can classify for their increased payments.

Players have identified a handful of slots as games to avoid due to their poor RTP.

Instead, hunt for the ones that pay out the most by researching the highest slot machine victories ever to find patterns:

The Most Loose Slot Machines

What exactly is a loose slot machine?

The payout % is referred to when people refer to slot machines as “loose” or “tight”. A looser machine pays more often and at a higher %, while a tighter slots pays less frequently and at a lower RTP.

The more loose the slots, the better for the player. That’s why casino billboards frequently advertise “The Loosest Slots in Town!”

Aside from the RTP, another essential statistic to be looking for is the “hit frequency”. This number, which is also a percentage, indicates the odd that each spin will give in a winning outcome for the player. It makes no mention of how much the player wins, only how frequently the player wins $$ on a spin against the lost. A game with a frequency of hits at 20% will provide a winning combination 1 in every 5 times on average.

Where Can I Find Tight/Loose Slot Machines?

How to pick the right tight/loose slot machine? The internet is the ideal place to look for the loosest slots available. Because online casinos have far fewer overheads than land casinos, they may offer the highest RTP. Players have formed a few ideas when it comes to discovering the loosest slots in a land-based casino.

Some players believe that the loosest slots are always found in the casino’s most visible places. The casino does this because it wants new customers to watch others winnings and be inspired to join the fun. Slots near cash redemption machines are also deemed loose as the casino wants players cashing out to be attracted to return to the games by watching people win. The same logic advocates avoiding buffet and show slots that have long lineups. The casino is well aware that visitors are simply passing the time and will not play long.

A last word

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May the jackpot be with you!

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