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Ultimate tips and tricks to win on slot machines The simple truth: you cannot always win on slot machines… Improve your odds: how to pick the right slot machine

I don’t always win big playing the slots. That’s my truth bomb for today. I’m not sure what led you here, but just in case you think I’ve got it all figured out, let me tell you….

During the Fourth of July, I took my first free yearly trip to Las Vegas, staying on The Strip. I’d just won a $5,000 jackpot back home in Cincinnati and chose to take $4,000 of it with me on my vacation.

I decided to visit other casinos and observe what occurred when I spent $500 in each of eight separate high-limit slots areas. Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything in any of them.

I tell you this because gambling losses are unavoidable at times. It’s a sobering experience to start believing you can’t lose. However, playing slots at a new casino is difficult, and it’s natural to lose when you’re attempting to learn the ins and outs of any new casino.

slot machine not always win
You cannot always win on slot machines


I feel that the sooner I accept that gambling losses occur while visiting a new casino, the sooner it will pass and I will be able to return to being the good old productive self.

“Are you seeing many hand pays?” I questioned the floor manager and two slot attendants in the last high-limit slots area I visited during that trip to Las Vegas. “About twelve since we started on shift,” the manager said. He pointed behind me and said, “Oh, see, there’s another one!” You must either ask this crucial question or simply glance about you in order to play slots while others are already winning. How can you expect to win when no one else is, like I did in the seven other high-limit rooms where I spent my money?

Okay, that’s all I have for today… Accept that losing at slots can happen at new casinos, and accept that these moments will occur… own it… It will also assist you in continuing to move.

Oh, and you should be aware that these moments will occur regardless of your level of achievement. We’re all human, and we’ve all lost money gambling… So make sure you’re surrounded by individuals who will both promote your chosen activity and hold you accountable to your financial objectives.

May the jackpot be with you!

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